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Breast Lift Plastic Surgery

Breast Lift Plastic Surgery

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Breast skin will gradually begin to lose elasticity due to aging or other factors such as pregnancy, heredity, or weight loss. This can cause the breasts to droop significantly, particularly if the breasts are heavy. The breast lift is the most effective cosmetic surgery procedure to restore firmer, perkier, and more youthful looking breasts.

Breast lift is often combined with breast implants, and in many cases, is a part of a mommy makeover surgery. An experienced surgeon will evaluate the patient’s breast anatomy and her personal aesthetic goals and recommend the appropriate surgical approach. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides breast lift procedure to women in Dallas, Texas and surrounding locations.



Any woman who is unhappy with the appearance of heavily sagging breasts and downward pointing nipples may consider mastopexy or breast lift cosmetic surgery. Women with smaller breasts will usually achieve optimal outcomes, but breast lift can be performed on women with any breast size.

The candidate should not have any plans for pregnancy in the near future, and should be currently pregnant or nursing. If she wants to undergo a weight loss program, the breast lift should be postponed until the weight loss is achieved and the body weight has stabilized.


Breast Lift following Pregnancy

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can commonly cause the breasts to sag. Some surgeons prefer that the woman should wait for breast lift until she had decided to have no more children. While the procedure itself does not pose any hurdle in pregnancy, future pregnancies can cause the breast skin to stretch further and compromise the results of breast lift.


Breast Lift after Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery can restore leaner body contours for a woman, but it can also cause the breasts to sag due to a large amount of excess skin. Therefore, breast lift may be necessary following a massive weight loss to restore the firmness and youthful shape of the breasts. Dr. Khan is a board certified female plastic surgeon receiving patients from Dallas, Texas and nearby areas.


Major Surgical Techniques

Standard Breast Lift

This technique involves the placement of an anchor shaped incision. One incision will be made around the lower half of the areola, and another incision vertically down to the base of the breast. Thereafter, a third incision will be made horizontally along the breast crease. A substantial amount of loose skin and fat tissue can be removed from the lower half of the breasts through these incisions.


Doughnut Mastopexy

Relatively smaller amount of breast skin will be removed with this technique for patients who suffer from a moderate degree of skin laxity in the breasts. This is a less invasive procedure involve reducing downtime and minimal scarring. The incision will be placed around the areola to remove excess tissue and skin.



Breast lift will typically involve a downtime of about one week. Most women will be able to resume their normal routine in about a week to 10 days. Mild walking should be performed in the first week to maintain blood flow. Vigorous activities should be avoided for two to three weeks.


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Breast Lift Plastic Surgery

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