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Chemical Peels in Dallas, TX

Chemical Peels in Dallas, TX

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You battled acne as a teenager. Later, you loved spending time outdoors and in the sun. After years of sun exposure and other harsh elements, you’re ready to rejuvenate your skin. If so, then you may be a good candidate to undergo a chemical peel.

What is a Chemical Peel?

Also known as a skin peel, a chemical peel removes the damaged, outer layers of your skin to help minimize wrinkles and even out your skin tone. Using special chemical solutions, the depth of your peel can be adjusted to provide you with the results you want. Lighter peels provide surface exfoliation and help you obtain that “healthy glow”. Deeper peels can help remove acne scars, deeper wrinkles, and irregular pigmentation. Remember, there’s a smoother, younger you just waiting to come out! And contrary to popular belief, peels aren’t just for your face…if you’re sick and tired of looking at those age spots on your hands, a chemical peel can help turn back time.

How is the procedure performed?

A chemical solution specially formulated for you will be applied to the treatment area for a specific amount of time. It will then be removed with a neutralizing solution. You will be told about post peel skin care, which typically involves using a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

What to expect after a peel?

Depending on the depth of the peel, you may experience some redness and skin sensitivity. With deeper peels, you will see more drastic results but will experience more soreness and redness prior to seeing the new skin. Just like you continue to exercise to help maintain your healthy weight, you will want to use our key skin products after you have healed from your peel to promote younger and healthier looking skin. We know that you won’t be disappointed!

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Are you interested in learning more about a chemical peel? Please contact Dr. Khan’s office today. During your consultation with Dr. Khan, she will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about having a chemical peel. Our office is conveniently located at  3811 Turtle Creek Blvd, Suite 200 Dallas, TX 75219.