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Post Weight Loss Surgery in Dallas, TX

Post Weight Loss Surgery in Dallas, TXCongratulations! You’ve lost a significant amount of weight, and, in the process, improved your overall health. However, you may be left with pockets of fatty deposits and loose, hanging skin. You work out and eat right and want to have a more toned appearance so you can wear regular sized clothes. If so, then you may be a good candidate to undergo post-massive weight loss surgery here in Dallas, Texas.

What is Post Weight Loss Surgery?

Also known as body contouring after massive weight loss, post bariatric weight loss surgery is customized to help address your problem areas. Common concerns of our patients seeking post weight loss surgery in Dallas, Texas include loose or hanging upper arms, deflated or sagging breasts, excess abdominal skin, flat or drooping buttocks, and saggy thighs. Based on your specific concerns, Dr. Khan will examine you and determine which procedures will best help you achieve the best possible you! Remember that post-massive weight loss surgery will not create the perfect or ideal body. Rather, your overall appearance will be vastly improved, helping you to maintain good hygiene and wear more form-fitting clothes.

How is it performed?

Dr. Khan may recommend a combination of the following procedures:

Excess skin and fat is removed, and muscles may be tightened. The remaining skin is redraped over your internal structure to provide a smoother, more toned contour. Drains may be placed, and all incisions are closed with both internal and external sutures. Surgical tape/adhesive is applied as dressings.

What to expect after surgery?

You will have bandages covering your incision sites, and you will need to wear your compression garment. You will be given oral pain medication to help with any soreness that you may feel following your post weight loss surgery in Dallas, TX. If you have drains, you will need to empty them 3 to 4 times/day and record the output. Bruising, fluid retention, and swelling are common after this type of surgery, and they will subside over a couple of weeks. Remember that you won’t see final results until all of the swelling has subsided, and your results will be compromised if you gain or lose a lot of weight after the surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

Would you like to learn more about post massive weight loss surgery? Please contact Dr. Khan’s office to book your consultation by calling 1-469-4-DRKHAN or (469) 437-5426 or submitting an online contact request today. Dr. Khan will be happy to address all of your questions and concerns about post weight loss surgery in Dallas, TX at her conveniently located office on  3811 Turtle Creek Blvd, Suite 200 Dallas, TX 75219.