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Breast Lift Plastic Surgery Cost

Breast Lift Plastic Surgery Cost

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The sticker price is an integral starting point for many women seeking tighter and firmer breasts with breast lift cosmetic surgery. The patient should have a clear idea of various cost components, and how each one affects the overall cost of surgery. A number of factors will determine the actual breast lift cost at a particular practice.

The patient should be aware from the beginning that breast lift costs may not be covered by insurance. Therefore, she should explore the financing avenues from an early stage to pay for the procedure in affordable installments. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides breast lift surgery to patients in Dallas, Texas and surrounding locations.


Length and Complexity of Procedure

Breast lift surgery can be performed using a number of surgical techniques as per the needs of the patient. Women with larger breasts or those who suffer from a substantial amount of sagging will usually have to undergo a longer and more expensive surgery. An experienced surgeon will try to keep the procedure less invasive to make it safer, simpler and more affordable wherever possible.


Anesthesia and Operating Venue

Anesthesia in case of breast lift may be performed by a registered anesthetist nurse or a qualified anesthesiologist. Their fee will differ according to their skills and experience. The surgeon may perform breast lift at a hospital, an accredited surgical center or a private surgical suite. The costs and benefits associated with all these options will vary.


Combined Surgery

Mastopexy is often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation to achieve more effective outcomes. The cost will increase in comparison to an independent breast lift surgery, but the cost effectiveness will improve in a combined procedure as compared to two surgeries performed separately.

Sometimes breast lift may also be combined with abdominoplasty or performed as a part of a mommy makeover. The dollar amount will vary in each case. Dr. Khan is a board certified female plastic surgeon receiving patients from Dallas, Texas and nearby areas.


Insurance Aspect

Breast lift is normally considered an elective surgery, and the insurance company will not provide coverage for it. However, in a few cases, if the patient is suffering from physical discomfort or finding it difficult to perform certain activities due to severely drooping breasts, the insurance provider may decide to offer full or partial coverage as per the patient’s health plan. The office of the plastic surgeon may be able to offer support in terms of the necessary paperwork and formalities in such cases.


Financing the Procedure

Breast lift surgery can be expensive for some patients, but the lack of immediate availability of funds to pay for the surgery should not prevent a woman from achieving desirable aesthetic outcomes with breast lift. A number of leading professional medical financing firms are available to help finance elective procedures such as breast lift. Competitive interest rates and easy installment plans can be taken advantaged of through these firms.

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Breast Lift Plastic Surgery Cost

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