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Types of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty): Reshaping The Nose’s Tip

Types of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty): Reshaping The Nose’s Tip

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If the nasal tip is overly defined or lacks definition, it may lack proper rotation. Rotation is the upward or downward turn of the nose tip. 

The cosmetic surgeon will alter the nasal tip through cartilage reshaping. They will pay close attention to the nasal base during this procedure as it influences rotation and tension.

What is Nose Tip Rhinoplasty?

Nasal tip rhinoplasty refers to any procedure performed on the lower third part of the nose. This is a complex procedure and necessitates a surgeon who is experienced and skilled in nose reshaping as well as one who has a deep understanding of the nasal anatomy and how the cartilage and other tissue impact the process of nose reshaping.

Besides being a cosmetic surgery procedure, nasal tip refinement may be medically necessary in certain cases. For example, the patient may suffer from breathing problems because of an abnormally shaped nasal tip either when they sleep or in their routine life. 

An abnormal nose tip may also cause sinus infections. At times, patients may suffer from speech impediments due to the abnormal shape of their nose tip.

Reasons to Undergo Tip Refinement

Patients seek nasal tip refinement for various reasons, whether individually or as an alternative to nose reshaping surgery. But it is typically performed to address a fuller or “bulbous” nasal tip.

Certain patients may consider the natural structure of their nose to be unattractive, for instance, patients with a sagging nose tip, “hooked” noses or upturned noses. Nasal tip refinement usually creates a slimming effect for the complete face.

Wide Tip Correction

A wide or bulbous nose usually develops due to the presence of large nasal domes that are spaced widely apart and thick nose skin. In many cases, a thick ligament or fat may divide the nasal domes. 

To correct this condition, the surgeon will reshape the soft tissue and move the domes closer. In addition, they may apply a graft on the nose tip itself for patients with a thicker skin to create better tip definition. In addition, the surgeon may trim away or modify the cartilage structure underneath the skin to create a narrower nasal tip. 

Less Invasive Procedure

In comparison to full rhinoplasty, nasal tip refinement surgery is much less invasive. The inner nose structure is significantly altered in a traditional nose reshaping surgery. The procedure may also involve fracturing bones leading to a prolonged recovery period. 

However, nasal tip refinement typically involves the placement of two to three incisions allowing the surgeon to access the cartilage in that site. After reshaping the nose, the surgeon will close the incisions.



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Types of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty): Reshaping The Nose’s Tip

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