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Types of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty): Increasing or Decreasing The Size of The Nostrils

Types of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty): Increasing or Decreasing The Size of The Nostrils

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Nose alar adjustment is a surgical procedure designed to reshape flared or wide nostrils. The alar refers to the outer edges of the nostrils. 

Alar adjustment is usually performed along with nose width reduction. The surgeon can alter the level of tension that is leading to the unwanted flair in the nostrils by removing a portion of the tissue. 

What is Alarplasty?

Alar base reduction or nostril width surgery is considered a relatively minor procedure.  At times, this procedure is included as a part of facial cosmetic surgery to change the size of the nostrils, which may not be proportionate to the nasal tip and position of the eyes. The procedure provides an effective technique to change the nasal appearance and refine the nose structure for enhanced facial harmony. 

Alarplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure to treat the alar, which is the area of the nose where the nostrils are rounded, covering the nose tip region (where the nose attaches to the nasolabial folds and cheeks).

Distinct Techniques 

For alar adjustment in rhinoplasty surgery, there are various surgical techniques that can be used. The surgeon will customize the procedure according to the patient’s unique needs. 

For example, the Weir technique is an alar adjustment procedure involving a specific type of incision. The surgeon will excise tissue to develop a wedge-like cavity. Then they will close the incision with sutures to develop beautiful contours. 

Ideal Candidates for Alarplasty

Ideal alarplasty candidates are individuals who are unhappy with the shape and contour of their nose. Suitable candidates should be in solid general health and not suffer from any health conditions that could raise the medical risks associated with facial surgery.

It is vital for patients to have realistic expectations from the results of this procedure. In addition, they should understand the risks and benefits associated with alarplasty and rhinoplasty.

This helps accomplish higher patient satisfaction levels and reduces any future disappointment from the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Alarplasty Procedure

This surgery is performed using local anesthesia. The surgeon cautiously makes the incisions, usually inside the nostrils. They will eliminate excess tissue through the incisions as well as reshape and change the size of the alars. After this, the surgeon will use sutures to make the nostrils narrower.

Outcomes of Alarplasty

Alarplasty can offer patients very effective outcomes by making the size and shape of the nostrils less prominent. This procedure does not usually involve the nasal bone or cartilage, which allows the patient to recover faster and more comfortably. 

Is Alarplasty Suitable for Me?

People assessing whether alarplasty is a suitable cosmetic procedure for them should set-up a detailed consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. They will evaluate the nose appearance and structure, and then provide recommendations on how the patient can achieve their aesthetic goals, allowing them to make an enlightened decision. 


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Types of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty): Increasing or Decreasing The Size of The Nostrils

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