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Lip Enhancement Options

Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement Options

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Many women seek lips that appear fuller and more voluptuous. Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, and other celebrities have made the “full lips” look a highly popular and sought-after look.

Unfortunately, several factors, including aging can make your lips appear thinner by losing volume. There are several noninvasive and cosmetic surgery techniques that can help you improve the overall look of your lips. You can attain a defined lip pout with these aesthetic procedures.

Patients can notice the results of lip enhancement procedures almost right away in most cases. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss all available treatment options during the initial consultation in order to help you make the right decision.

Khan Plastic Surgery, led by board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan, provides lip enhancement procedures to patients in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Lip Enhancement Surgery Using Implants

Lip augmentation with implants is a plastic surgery procedure that can provide long term results. Implants come in various quality, sizes, and shapes. Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend the best implant based on your aesthetic needs. You can make your lips appear shapelier and fuller with the help of implants.

Tiny incisions will be made by the plastic surgeon at mouth corners. This is done to carve a thin tunnel like pocket. The implant is threaded by the surgeon in this cavity and trimmed precisely as per your required shape and volume.

Enhancing Lips by Fat Transfer 

You can attain fuller lips through lip augmentation surgery using fat transfer. Your body’s own fat is used in this procedure to enhance volume in the lips. The end result in this procedure is more natural looking and achieved in a far less invasive manner.

There are several benefits to using your body’s fat tissue for enhancing the size of lips. For instance, risk of allergic reaction and rejection is reduced. Local anesthesia is not required in this procedure. It also allows for more natural looking results.

Lip Enhancement Using Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid based dermal injectables, such as Restylane and Juvederm provide fuller and shapelier lips. You should undergo this treatment option if you want fuller lips in a noninvasive manner. Dermal fillers for providing lips with symmetry and balance are FDA approved in most cases. People can add more definition to their lips using dermal filler injectables. It also helps in restoring a more natural and youthful appearance.

Laser Technique Lip Enhancement

Laser energy pulses are delivered precisely in lip enhancement using laser. The energy helps in forming new collagen when delivered within the mucosa of the lips. Laser lip enhancement ensures the shape of your lips remain intact. You can attain plumper and fuller looking lips by this treatment. You may need to undergo multiple laser sessions for achieving the desired level of enhancement.

You should discuss all your aesthetic goals with your treatment provider during the initial consultation. They will describe the pros and cons of individual treatment options and help you make the best possible choice.

Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for lip enhancement cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures.

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