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Forehead / Brow Lift Plastic Surgery 

Forehead / Brow Lift 

Forehead / Brow Lift Plastic Surgery 

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To restore youthful contours to your eyebrows and forehead, you will need to get a forehead / brow lift plastic surgery. This surgery will effectively reverse the effects of aging in your forehead area. A drooping brow not only affects the pleasant and alert look of your upper face but also causes obstruction in your vision. Depending on your requirements, your plastic surgeon will assess whether or not you are fit for a forehead or brow lift surgery.  

This assessment is usually performed during the preoperative consultation. At this time, you must ensure all your questions have been answered by your surgeon. Based on your cosmetic goals, your surgeon may sometimes recommend you to get an eyelid lift surgery along with a brow lift. This will produce more harmonious and comprehensive results. 

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides forehead lift cosmetic surgery to patients in Dallas, Texas and surrounding communities.   

Advantages of forehead lift plastic surgery  

The exact brow lift technique is determined after analyzing how much skin is sagging, and how unique your aesthetic needs are. The procedure will begin with a small incision in a discreet location. The extent of the cut will depend on whether the brow lift is undertaken as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with an upper eyelid or another facial surgery.  

Some of the advantages of a forehead lift include:  

  • Repositioning droopy brow that extends over your upper eyelid. 
  • Lifting brows will give a youthful and alert appearance.  
  • It helps in developing an expression of an active and youthful person.  

Suitable candidates 

If you have sagging brows that create a grumpy, old, or tired facial appearance, then brow lift cosmetic surgery could be most suitable for you. Moreover, if you have visible horizontal lines across your forehead or deep furrows and frown lines between your brows, then a brow lift procedure will help you achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated face.  


Brow lift surgery techniques have changed since its inception. It was traditionally performed only as an open surgery, but now it has evolved into a less invasive procedure involving smaller incisions. Typically, the incisions are made on the hair-bearing scalp area. But if the situation demands your surgeon will also consider making tiny incisions in your forehead or near the upper eyelid.  

Open brow lift 

In this procedure, your surgeon will make a longer horizontal incision across your forehead. Once the incision is made, your surgeon will lift the skin away from the tissue, thereby repositioning the muscles to eliminate excess fat. Following this step, the loose skin will be removed.  

Endoscopic brow lift 

Your surgeon will insert an endoscope through a small incision made on your scalp. The endoscope will have a small camera attached to its tip. This camera will allow your surgeon to review your internal structures on an external monitor. An endoscopic brow lift is more precise and less invasive.  

Limited incision technique 

Even though this technique doesn’t make use of an endoscope, the incisions made with this procedure are tiny. Only the external part of your brows will be elevated using small incisions. Scarring will be limited and inconspicuous in the temporal hairline. 

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas and nearby areas for forehead lift cosmetic surgery.  

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