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Your Breast Surgery Consultation

Your Breast Surgery ConsultationConsultation is an important first step, which will lay the foundation for a successful breast cosmetic surgery. The patient should be prepared to freely discuss her innate aesthetic desires and concerns with the surgeon. However, some hesitation on the part of a patient in discussing her goals is understandable.

But if she chooses an experienced surgeon, her hesitation would soon get resolved. The surgeon would have spoken to hundreds of patients on similar topics and will try to ensure that the patient is comfortable. Some patients may feel more at ease taking a friend or family member along with them to the consultation.

Successful board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides breast surgery to patients in Dallas, Texas, and other towns and suburbs in the mighty state of Texas.


What Occurs during Your Consultation

The surgeon commences the consultation by assessing the patient’s health history in detail. She will need to provide information on past illnesses and surgeries, if any. In addition, she should share any information about family history of an illness or breast cancer.

The patient should present the surgeon with a list of any medications that she is currently taking as well as details on allergies to drugs, dressings, latex, etc. The surgeon will examine the patient and take various measurements of the breasts and chest wall. They may also take pre-operative pictures following the examination.

After that, the surgeon will inform the patient of the breast cosmetic surgery and its implications as well as the risks associated with this procedure.

She will then have an opportunity to ask any questions that she may have. Certain patients may require a combination of procedures, such as breast augmentation with a breast lift or breast reduction with abdominoplasty. The patient can discuss various alternatives on these combined surgeries with the breast surgeon during the consultation.


Meet the Surgeon Personally for the Consultation

The patient should meet the breast surgeon who will be performing her surgery. Meeting a cosmetic advisor or another surgeon who will not be directly involved in her care will not suffice. It is essential for the patient to engage meaningfully with the individual who will actually perform the breast surgery.

A judicious and devoted surgeon will encourage the patient to take time after the consultation to assimilate and reflect on the discussion. This allows the patient to arrive at a well-considered decision after the initial excitement after the consultation has settled down.


Ask Questions to Clarify Your Doubts

The surgeon will ask the patient if she has any questions. Ideally, the patient should enlist all questions that she may have beforehand. At this point, the patient will likely find that many questions that she initially had coming into the consultation are already addressed.

Nevertheless, creating a list of questions will ensure that the patient does not miss out on anything important to ask during the consultation. If the patient feels that some questions remain unanswered but are confident about the breast surgeon, she can always meet them again and seek more information.


A Companion for the Consultation

Asking a friend or family member to accompany her to the consultation can offer the patient more confidence. It can be helpful to have another person to compare notes with following the consultation.

The patient should expect complete confidentiality and privacy. The surgeon or their team will not discuss any individual case with another person who is not involved in the patient’s care, without her permission. The patient will not have any pictures taken of them used on the website or any website unless they clearly authorize it.

Dependable board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas in this region of the southwest for breast surgery.

To schedule a consultation with Board Certified Dallas Plastic SurgeonDr. Farah Khan please call 469-437-5426 or click here to contact us.

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Your Breast Surgery Consultation

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