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Breast Implant Removal After Rupture / Capsular Contracture 

Capsular Contracture 

Breast Implant Removal After Rupture / Capsular Contracture 

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While most women do not consider the possibility that some day they may need to revise the results of their primary breast augmentation, the fact is that more than 40,000 women undergo breast implant removal cosmetic surgery every year. A majority of women choose this procedure voluntarily because of their changed cosmetic preferences, even though they have no medical complications from their implants.  

In some cases, breast implant removal or replacement may become a medical necessity if they develop implant rupture, capsular contracture, or another breast implant related complication. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the breast, body and face to patients in Dallas, Texas and surrounding communities.  

What to Expect during Your Surgery? 

Breast implant removal plastic surgery may be performed with or without implant replacement. More women choose implant exchange (removal with replacement) because they want to increase the size of or downsize their current breast appearance.  

If breast implant exchange (replacement) is not your choice, chances are that your surgery will be paired with an additional procedure called breast lift. If your implants have survived for many years, they could have caused your breast tissue to stretch.  

As a result, your breasts may sag or droop once the implants are removed. This condition can be corrected with a breast lift, which could be performed at the same time with your implant removal.  

As a standalone procedure, your breast implant removal surgery may be completed in about one hour. Following general anesthesia, your surgeon will place the incisions preferably in the same location where the original breast augmentation incisions were made. Through the incision, they will remove the scar tissue or capsule that envelopes the implant, and then remove the implant.  

In case of saline implants, the removal would be simpler because the implants can be deflated before they are removed.  

Silicone Implant Removal with En Bloc Technique  

Silicone breast implants are usually removed using a full or partial capsulectomy, where the capsular tissue is fully or partially removed first, and then the implant is taken out. In some cases, the surgeon may decide to perform an en bloc capsulectomy if the conditions are appropriate for it.  

In en bloc capsulectomy, the breast capsule is removed with the silicone implant inside remaining intact. In other words, both the capsule and the implant are removed together as one unit. This could be beneficial in a situation where there is a concern about the silicone gel leaking out to other areas following implant damage.  

Or, if you are worried about breast implant illness, your surgeon may determine en bloc technique as one of the options at the time of your procedure.  


Some discomfort and swelling in the incision areas is expected for a few days. Your surgeon will prescribe mild pain medications to keep you pain-free. Within 10 to 14 days, you would be able to return to your routine activities or go back to work.  

Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas and nearby areas for safe and proven plastic surgery procedures.   

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