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What is BodyTite contouring?

It can be challenging to accomplish effective body contouring outcomes with diet and exercise alone. Stubborn fatty pockets may linger for years leading to frustration and even impacting a person’s self-confidence.

BodyTite technology allows patients to reduce fat without leaving behind wrinkly, saggy skin. They are able to achieve results that are similar to surgical procedures with no significant incisions, less downtime, and sustainable, attractive outcomes.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides BodyTite body contouring to patients in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding communities.


BodyTite Overview

InMode’s BodyTite is an advanced minimally-invasive body contouring procedure capable of creating outcomes that were previously only limited to more excisional surgical procedures.

Directional RF powers BodyTite creating three-dimensional tissue remodeling through volumetric heating and fat coagulation. RF-induced heat is used to coagulate fat which results in radio-frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL).

FDA-approved BodyTite is a device that uses patented technology to offer internal and external lipolysis. The handpiece device can effectively supply targeted, unique three-dimensional skin contraction, targeting RFAL energy into undesirable fatty pockets.

The direct application of the device to the dermis with heat-controlled technology prevents unwanted build-up and injury. It also creates quick and uniform outcomes. Its geometric design enables the provider to offer real-time measurements, blockage monitoring, and audible feedback which assures patient safety.


Ideal Candidates

Good BodyTite RFAL treatment candidates are those who have stubborn, deep fatty pockets. BodyTite can address areas of fat that are up to two inches deep with large volume contraction. BodyTite addresses areas of deep fat such as thighs, hips, buttocks, knees, the neck, arms, and the abdomen.



  • This procedure uses controlled heating to ensure consistent treatment outcomes. This also helps avoid overtreatment or under-treatment of the targeted areas.
  • The operator is constantly receiving real-time temperature monitoring in deep fat pockets and on the skin surface above when treating various areas of the body.
  • Directional RF creates a temperature profile along with a temperature gradient which offers various treatment modalities for each tissue layer, right from the deep layer up to the surface of the skin.



  • Excellent and quick body contouring results without scars, inflammation, bruising, and lumps which may occur with excisional procedures.
  • Superior outcomes after reducing the entire subcutaneous tissue and septae matrix
  • Avoids overtreated an undertreated areas due to controlled heating.
  • Precise and direct energy applying full RF in the desired area.
  • A safer treatment which avoids anesthesia use and does not involve traditional liposuction risks.
  • Minimal side-effects when administered by a fully trained operator.


How Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis Works

The BodyTite procedure is administered through an advanced handpiece that delivers RF energy from an internal probe as well as an external electrode. The provider inserts the internal probe through a small incision.

Upon being moved across the treatment site, the electrode, and internal probe accurately heat adipose tissue along with the superficial tissue underneath the skin. Built-in mechanisms make sure that the appropriate level of heating occurs without causing damage to the skin.



BodyTite recovery period differs depending on the treated area. The downtime can last for anywhere from one to two days up to ten days. The outcome is visible immediately after the procedure with the most conspicuous results apparent at six months and continuing up to one year after the procedure.

BodyTite itself is not a painful treatment. However, the patient will require anesthesia when it is combined with liposuction. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for BodyTite body contouring.

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What is BodyTite contouring?

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