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Your Body Contouring Consultation

Your Body Contouring ConsultationBody contouring is a major cosmetic surgery that must be preceded by a comprehensive consultation process to create a strong foundation for a successful procedure.

The patient will have an opportunity during the consultation to learn about the vital aspects of body contouring as well as the surgeon’s practice. They can clear all their doubts and concerns during the consultation and make an educated decision.

During the consultation, the surgeon will seek the patient’s inputs about their current health status and personal cosmetic goals, which will be used to create a personalized body contouring surgery plan. The consultation should preferably be scheduled well ahead of the actual surgery in order to provide for enough time for the patient to prepare for it.

Adroit and spectacular board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides body contouring procedures among a host of surgeries for the breast, body, and face. Dr. Khan will objectively determine the patient’s candidacy during the consultation and create a customized surgical plan. She provides body contouring to patients in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding locations in this part of the country.


Health Evaluation

One of the key aspects of the pre-operative consultation process in body contouring surgery is to assess the patient’s current health status. To sustain this major cosmetic surgery, which may require general anesthesia, the patient should be in a reasonably healthy and fit condition.

During the consultation, the surgeon will go through the patient’s medical history as well as conduct a general physical exam. In some cases, they may order a few medical tests to determine candidacy.


Disclosure of Facts

The patient should be prepared during the consultation to disclose all relevant facts pertaining to their health and lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking or drugs. The ideal approach would be to make a list of all the prescription, non-prescription and recreational drugs that the patient may be currently using, and carry the list to the surgeon’s office for the consultation.


Anatomical Evaluation

During the consultation, the surgeon will make an anatomical evaluation of the targeted sites in the body, and assess the patient’s skin type, thickness of skin, tissue laxity, and the laxity of underlying muscles. Some patients may require skin tightening as well as liposuction, while some others may only need excess skin removal.


Customized Surgery Plan

Depending on the patient’s overall health and their anatomical and personal cosmetic requirements, the surgeon will develop a customized body contouring plan tailored to meet those unique needs.

They will choose the appropriate surgical technique, identify the location and size of planned incisions, and determine the amount of correction required. An in-depth consultation process enables the surgeon to prepare a surgical plan that can deliver targeted results in a less invasive way.


Other Tasks

Other tasks during the initial body contouring consultation may include taking images of the patient’s current appearance of affected body sites, sharing before and after photos of past patients, and providing detailed instructions about pre-op preparation and post-op recovery. Outstanding board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for body contouring surgery.

To schedule a consultation with Board Certified Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Farah Khan please call 469-437-5426 or click here to contact us.

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Your Body Contouring Consultation

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