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Questions to Ask Your Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery

Questions to Ask Your Breast Reduction Plastic SurgeonBefore going ahead with a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast reduction, a candidate should have complete clarity about the procedure and feel comfortable with her choice of a surgeon. A well-informed patient will be able to make better decisions and will usually achieve more satisfaction from the final results of the surgery.

A dedicated surgeon will address all doubts and concerns of the patient accurately and in detail.

During the pre-op consultation, they will encourage the patient to ask questions about the procedure as well as the surgeon’s professional credentials and their practice. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides breast reduction to patients in Dallas, Texas and surrounding locations.

Questions about the Surgeon

  • Are you a board certified plastic surgeon?
  • How many years of training and experience do you have in the field of cosmetic surgery?
  • Have you performed breast surgeries in the past, and what is your patient satisfaction rate?
  • Where would you perform my breast reduction surgery – at a hospital, a surgical center or a private surgical suite?
  • Do you have hospital or surgical center privileges to operate?
  • Is your practice equipped to handle emergencies, if any?
  • Do you have a policy for revision procedures?

Questions about Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?
  • Which surgical technique would you use, and what will be the incision placement in my surgery?
  • Will I need liposuction or a breast lift along with breast reduction surgery?
  • Would you perform the procedure using general or local anesthesia?
  • Can I have access to a few breast reduction surgery before and after photos?

Questions about Recovery

  • What are the potential risks and complications associated with breast reduction?
  • How much will be the estimated downtime following the surgery?
  • What precautions should I take during the recovery period?
  • Is the recovery going to be painful or complicated?
  • When can I expect to return to my workplace or resume my exercises and other routine activities?

Questions about Costs

  • What will be the estimated costs of breast reduction surgery?
  • Does the cost estimate include the pre- and post-operative costs as well?
  • What will be the cost difference if the procedure is performed at a hospital or a surgical center?
  • Will you charge separately for post-operative visits to your office?
  • Can the procedure become more cost-effective if I combine two or more procedures at the same time?
  • Can you office assist me with information or guidance with regard to insurance and financing?

The patient should also ask for testimonials of previous patients who may have undergone breast reduction or other procedures at the practice.

The decision about the procedure and the choice of a surgeon should only be taken once the patient is completely satisfied on all accounts. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas and nearby areas for breast reduction.

To schedule a consultation with Board Certified Dallas Plastic SurgeonDr. Farah Khan please call 469-437-5426 or click here to contact us.

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