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Kybella Injections for Chin Fat Reduction Cost

Kybella Injections for Chin Fat Reduction Cost


Stubborn fat deposits below the chin can be difficult to reduce with diet or exercise in some cases. Such patients now have an FDA approved treatment option in the form of Kybella injections to reduce fat in the submental area. During the consultation process, the treatment provider will explain all about Kybella procedure, including its estimated costs.

Kybella injections may be an ideal option for patients who want to avoid liposuction cosmetic surgery. The surgeon will help the patient make a well-considered decision about Kybella, and discuss its costs and benefits in comparison to other treatments. Dr. Farah Naz Khan is a board certified female plastic surgeon providing Kybella to patients in Dallas, Texas and surrounding locations.


Price Comparison with Surgery

Some patients may want to know the estimated cost difference between Kybella and liposuction surgery. Liposuction will typically be performed with the patient under general anesthesia or IV sedation. In case of Kybella treatment, this monetary amount can be avoided because the injections can be performed using a mild local anesthetic.

Liposuction cosmetic surgery will be performed at an operating room, which will have additional costs. Kybella injectable procedure, on the other hand, can be performed in the provider’s office. Nowadays liposuction is often performed with the assistance of advanced technologies such as laser, ultrasound, or radio frequency, which will add to the costs.

Recovery process in liposuction will be longer, involving costs of prescription drugs, medical tests, compression garments and post-op visits to the surgeon’s office. The downtime in case of liposuction may have cost implications for working people. All of these additional costs are avoided with Kybella injections. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas and other areas for Kybella treatment.


Financial Factors

Kybella injectable treatment may cost differently for two patients in some cases. The geographical location of the provider’s office will make a key difference to the costs. The average cost of living is usually higher in major cities and prime urban centers than smaller towns in interior regions. This will impact the monetary amount of most types of products and services, including Kybella aesthetic treatment.

The extent of chin fat reduction needed by a patient can vary according to their neck anatomy and personal aesthetic goals. The price tag of Kybella treatment will depend on the total number of treatment sessions received and the number of injection vials used in each session. While a majority of patients will require only two to four sessions, a few patients may need a maximum of six treatment sessions.

If the patient chooses Kybella treatment in combination with another surgical or non-surgical procedure, they may get the benefit of a package price or a special rebate. All such cost elements can vary from one patient to another.



Although Kybella’s impact on your checking account will not be covered under health insurance, but most patients will be eligible to receive financing through third party medical care finance firms. These professional financiers usually offer competitive interest rates, quick loan approvals, and flexible terms and conditions to patients seeking cosmetic procedures.

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Kybella Injections for Chin Fat Reduction Cost

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