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What should you expect during a consultation for breast implant removal?

What should you expect during a consultation for breast implant removal?

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For women who are dissatisfied with the outcomes of their breast augmentation, or those who experience complications with breast implants may be suitable candidates for saline or silicone breast implant removal surgery.

This procedure might become necessary if the primary breast augmentation was not performed correctly. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides breast implant removal surgery to patients in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding locations.


Choosing between Implant Removal and Replacement

The surgeon will determine the reasons for the breast augmentation complications and advise the patient on a course of action prior to the breast implant revision surgery.

In case the patient chooses to undergo breast implant replacement, this procedure will be carried out during the breast implant removal surgery.

However, if the patient requires only breast implant removal, the surgeon will advise them on plastic surgery options such as breast lift surgery. These can be undertaken simultaneously with the breast implant removal surgery.

Before the surgery, the surgeon will evaluate the implants and the surrounding tissue for leakage, inflammation, infection, and rupture.


Informing the Patient

At the time of the initial consultation, a dedicated surgeon will inform the patient on all facets of breast implant removal to enable her to make an informed choice. The surgeon will explain the breast removal surgery benefits, risks, steps involved, and the estimated recovery duration following the procedure.

The surgeon will also ensure that the patient is choosing to undergo the procedure without any influence or pressure from someone else. Well-informed patients are able to make a more enlightened decision on breast implant removal surgery and usually achieve higher levels of satisfaction as well.


Ideal Candidates

A top priority for the surgeon during a breast implant removal consultation is establishing the patient as a candidate for this procedure. The surgeon will perform a general medical examination and assess the breast anatomy, skin texture, and elasticity.

In addition, the surgeon will evaluate the medical and surgical history of the patient and may order medical tests, if required. They will incorporate the aesthetic goals of the patient into the breast surgery plan.


Guidelines for Preparation and Recovery

If the patient smokes, the surgeon will require them to stop smoking for several weeks before and after the breast surgery.

Furthermore, they may also change the patient’s schedule for prescription medications, blood thinners, and herbal supplements in discussion with the prescribing doctor.


Developing Reasonable Expectations

During the pre-op consultation process, some surgeons may show the patient before and after breast implant surgery pictures of previous patients to help her develop reasonable expectations from the procedure. Patients with realistic expectations are typically more satisfied with the final outcome and feel more confident.

The surgeon may also present testimonials of previous patients to the new patient to help her understand the procedure from the perspective of another patient. In addition, the patient may request for a short office tour to acquaint herself with the surgeon’s practice.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for breast implant removal surgery.
female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas, and other towns and cities in this part of the southwest for breast implant removal.
To schedule a consultation with Board Certified Dallas Plastic SurgeonDr. Farah Khan please call 469-437-5426 or click here to contact us.

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What should you expect during a consultation for breast implant removal?

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