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Chin Augmentation Plastic Surgery

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Plastic Surgery

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Many people suffer from a retruded chin, also called weak or recessive chin. If you look at your face and notice that the chin is set way behind than the upper jaw, then you suffer from this condition. The thrust of your chin may just not be sufficient enough to make your jaw look strong and dignified.

Your plastic surgeon may recommend a variety of procedures to take care of this. Jawline contouring surgery and chin implants tend to be the most popular. At the time of your initial consultation, your surgeon will prepare a custom surgical plan for your chin enhancement.


Surgery Options for Recessed Chin

Your facial balance may be marred by a receding chin. This is especially true for the lower facial area. Mouth exercises may help you to some extent, but they are not enough for dramatic improvements. The soft tissues and bones in your chin and jawline cannot be altered greatly by just exercising them.

This is why many plastic surgeons recommend obtaining a chin implant or chin augmentation surgery. You may ask your surgeon to perform sliding chin genioplasty and other elaborate procedures if a greater degree of augmentation is needed.

Chin implants

Chin implants are the best and easiest way to improve the overall appearance of your lower jawline and chin. Your plastic surgeon may make a tiny incision through the mouth and insert the implant. This biocompatible implant will be positioned on the lower jaw and sutured in place.

Double chin reduction

The plastic surgeon may also recommend liposuction or Kybella injections if you have a double chin because of submental fat deposits. Double chin reduction procedure can help you attain a stronger jawline.

Sliding genioplasty

This invasive cosmetic procedure is performed on people who have severely recessed chins and require extensive augmentation. Recovery generally takes longer than other procedures since the procedure is elaborate.

Ideal Candidates for Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin implant surgery is recommended for people who want to:

  • Improve facial appearance from the side and front
  • Bring facial harmony between lower and upper jaws
  • Offer a better sense of vertical balance
  • Improve the way their smile looks

Chin Augmentation Procedures are Customizable

You should consult with your board certified female plastic surgeon to draft a customized procedure. This will help you attain the exact look you want. Experienced surgeons understand the needs of their patients and assess their anatomical features to create a surgical plan that can realize their aesthetic goals. Your surgeon may take multiple scans of your face to assess existing features. They will discuss all options and walk you through the various pros and cons of different types of implants. Chin augmentation cosmetic surgery is the easiest way to attain a strong jawline.

You can combine the procedure with chin liposuction, neck lift, and jaw augmentation procedures as well.


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