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Breast Implant Surgery Recovery

Breast Implant Surgery Recovery

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Innovative surgical techniques have made breast implant cosmetic surgery less invasive and less painful over the years. But the procedure is still a major surgery, and usually involves a significant recovery process. Patients should be committed to the recovery for their own safety and to achieve desirable final outcomes from breast implants.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides breast implants and various other procedures. During the initial consultation, Dr. Khan will explain various aspects of the procedure to the patient, including the estimated recovery. She provides breast implant surgery to patients in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding locations.


Rapid Recovery

A typical breast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure entails a downtime of about one week to 10 days, and an additional recovery period of a few weeks when restrictions will apply to the patient’s movements and activity. In some cases, breast augmentation may also require the patient to stay overnight at the surgical facility.

But with the innovative, less invasive surgical techniques adopted by Dr. Khan, breast augmentation recovery becomes much faster and easier. Following the surgery with Dr. Khan, the patient can expect to return home the same day within a few hours. Most patients will be able to recover within 24 hours, and will receive detailed instructions from Dr. Khan for achieving a 24 hour recovery.

Incision sites in the breast area will be covered with bandages to promote safer and quicker healing. Dr. Khan will prescribe a few oral pain medications to keep the patient completely comfortable during the early recovery phase. She encourages the patient to return to their regular lifestyle and physical activities as soon as possible.

When the patient maintains normal movement, it will improve the blood flow and support faster healing. Specific range of motion exercises will be advised to the patient to aid the recovery process. Once the patient learns how to perform the exercises correctly, she can do it independently at home, and may continue it for a longer period beyond recovery for more sustainable outcomes.



The unique 24 hour recovery process with Dr. Khan will not only allow for a faster recovery, but will also mean reduced pain and discomfort and minimal risk of complications. However, certain precautions must still be followed during recovery phase for the patient’s own benefit. She should keep herself sufficiently hydrated and have a balanced diet, including lean proteins to support healing.

The patient should refrain from smoking for at least the initial few weeks of recovery. Nicotine can hamper the flow of oxygen in the blood and delay the recovery process. Lifting of heavy weights, performing sudden, vigorous motions, bending down, or performing strenuous exercises should be avoided for at least two to four weeks.

This will ensure that the incision areas remain under minimal strain, and complete healing can take place at the earliest. The incision areas should be kept clean to safeguard against infection risks. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas and other cities in the region for breast augmentation and various other surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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Breast Implant Surgery Recovery

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