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What is Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

What is Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

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Breast implant removal plastic surgery offers a solution to women who develop implant complications, are unhappy with the outcomes of the breast augmentation surgery, or have undergone a change in their aesthetic preferences since the primary implant surgery.

In comparison to the primary implant surgery, breast implant removal can be more complicated. This makes it vital for a patient to select a highly experienced and well-trained surgeon for this surgery.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides breast implant removal surgery to patients in Dallas, Texas and surrounding communities and towns in the poignant Lone Star State.


What to Expect during the Surgery?

The breast implant removal process will begin with the surgeon evaluating the reason for the implant complications and devising an individualized surgical plan.

In many cases, the plastic surgeon may advise the patient to undergo a breast lift surgery with the implant removal procedure. In cases where the implants have stretched the breast skin over a long duration, a breast lift can restore tauter, younger looking breasts.

Breast implant removal is usually performed as an outpatient surgery and the patient may receive intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The surgeon will access the implant by placing an incision in the same location where the primary incisions were made. This helps minimize new scarring. The scar tissue is usually excised at the time of the implant removal.


Saline Implants Removal

The surgeon will carefully examine the original implant and surrounding tissue for inflammation, rupture, leakage, or infection prior to the cosmetic surgery. Saline implants comprise a saline solution which is entirely safe for the body. The surgeon may deflate the implant prior to taking it out to make the procedure less invasive.

After removing the implant, the surgeon will typically eliminate the scar tissue that has developed due to the primary surgery. In case the patient chooses to undergo implant replacement with new implants, this will be undertaken at the same time as well.

At times, the implant removal may be performed with a breast lift procedure. Saline implant removal typically takes under an hour. However, the patient will have to remain at the surgical facility under observation for a few hours.


Silicone Implants Removal

For silicone implant removal, the plastic surgeon will evaluate the implant for signs of damage or rupture prior to removing it. This helps minimize any risks related to silicone implant removal.

The removal procedure may be less complicated in case the implant’s outer shell is textured or foam covered. Sometimes the surgeon will need to remove the surrounding muscle and tissue in addition to the implant.

The time taken to perform the silicone implant removal surgery depends on whether the patient is undergoing other surgeries such as implant replacement, scar revision, or breast lift simultaneously with the implant removal.

The incision size for silicone implant removal is relatively larger than in the case of saline implants as the deflation of the implant is not possible. The recovery period in the case of saline as well as silicone implant removal is around one week.

Experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Farah Naz Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas and other suburbs and neighborhoods in this righteous part of the country for breast implant removal surgery.
To schedule a consultation with Board Certified Dallas Plastic SurgeonDr. Farah Khan please call 469-437-5426 or click here to contact us.

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What is Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

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