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Breast Augmentation Surgery Before and After Photos

Breast Augmentation Surgery Before and After Photos

Model, not actual patient.

Breast augmentation ranks as the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US today after liposuction. While awareness about breast augmentation has grown exponentially, many women would still need to understand the nuances involved in the surgery before they decide to go ahead with it. The breast surgeon may make use of breast augmentation surgery before and after photographs to educate the patients.

Dr. Farah Naz Khan is a board certified female plastic surgeon providing breast augmentation and various other procedures. During the initial consultation, Dr. Khan’s first priority is to make the patient fully aware about every aspect of breast augmentation and help her make an informed decision. Dr. Khan provides breast augmentation to patients in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding locations.


What are Breast Augmentation Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery refer to a pair or group of pictures pertaining to an earlier patient who has undergone the same procedure with successful results. The pictures include images taken prior to the procedure and after the procedure at a stage when post-operative bruising and swelling has disappeared and full effects of breast augmentation are visible.

The breast surgeon will take care to obtain these pictures only with the patient’s complete consent. The patient’s identity may be kept undisclosed as per her choice. The only purpose of the surgeon here is to use these photographs as a visual aid to educate new patients about breast augmentation and explain to them its potential effectiveness.



When a woman considers the idea of receiving implants to enhance her breast size, she may have concerns about how the breast appearance will change after the procedure, and whether the procedure can fulfill her overall aesthetic goals for her personality. Some women may need breast implants in conjunction with breast lift surgery or another procedure.

With the help of breast augmentation before and after photos, she is in a better position to make the right choices about the procedure, technique, and type and size of implants. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Khan receives patients from Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for breast augmentation.


Keeping Reasonable Expectations

When the surgeon will present breast augmentation before and after photos at the outset, the patient will know clearly what to expect and what not to expect from the results. When the expectations are reasonable, the risk of any misunderstanding or disappointment occurring at a later stage is diminished.

An experienced breast surgeon will encourage the patient to review as many before and after photos as possible. They will also ensure that the photos are authentic and not technologically manipulated or ‘photo-shopped.’


Website Photos

Most plastic surgeons will have their own practice website where breast augmentation before and after photos can be uploaded for free access to all. New patients can simply check out the photos on the website in the privacy of their home or office, and then decide whether to meet with the surgeon for a personal breast augmentation consultation.

There has not been one industry in the world that has not been transformed by digital technology and the medical industry is certainly one of them. Now with the use of just a couple of clicks and pressed buttons on the keyboard a patient can see the outcome of a surgery that they are contemplating. These impeccable pictures which have become the norm and can also be seen with smart phones and so on can allow a patient to know exactly what they are contemplating.

These pictures can bring them and the surgeon closer together without the surgeon having to spend one minute on the phone or in a scheduled meeting. When the patient and the surgeon do meet for the first time, because of the Internet, website, and digital technology, the patient understands more about what to expect than ever before.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Before and After Photos

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