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Bigger and Better, the Brazilian Buttlift Exposed!

Bigger and Better, the Brazilian Buttlift Exposed!Perhaps more so than any plastic surgery procedure out there, the Brazilian Buttlift always warrants a multitude of questions, followed by pure amazement, sheer joy, and a great big smile! As a female plastic surgeon practicing in Dallas, Texas (and yes, we Texans all believe bigger is better!), I see a lot of patients who are interested in undergoing a Brazilian buttlift to enhance the appearance of their backside. Unfortunately, the gossip mills have helped spread confusion about this procedure so here’s some information that’ll help you separate fact from fiction…

1. A Brazilian buttlift isn’t really a “lift” in the same way that a breast lift is able to “lift your breasts”.  With a breast lift, excess skin and some tissue is removed while the nipple is repositioned to help raise your breasts. With a Brazilian buttlift, no excess skin or tissue is removed from your buttocks. Instead, fat is strategically placed in your buttocks to help give the impression of a tighter and firmer buttock.

2. No implants are used to enhance the volume of your buttocks. Rather, the shape and volume of your buttocks is corrected with your OWN fat. Where do we get this fat? The fat is obtained after liposuctioning an area of your body where you have excess fatty deposits. For most people, these areas include the abdomen, hips, flanks, and thighs. In this way, a Brazilian buttlift not only enhances the shape of your backside but it also improves your overall body contour because of the liposuction that is performed to obtain the fat.

3. Both women AND men may be good candidates for a Brazilian buttlift. Men tend to store excess fat in the abdomen and love handle region so those areas serve as great donor sites for the fat. In fact, a recent article in the NY Times titled “For Men, A Gluteus more Maximus”, helps explain the popularity of this procedure among men. As men age, they also lose fat in the buttock region and weight lifting and/or squats can only do so much…

4. Post operative recovery does not simply involve wearing a compression garment throughout your recovery. For the first couple of weeks, you will also need to avoid putting direct pressure on your buttocks. This means that you will need to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time. When you do have to sit for a couple of minutes, you will need to use a soft cushion or a donut shaped pillow. Typically, most patients are able to go back to work by the third week after surgery but they will still need to use a soft cushion to sit on.

5. While many people may claim to be experienced in performing Brazilian buttlifts, always remember that a plastic surgeon has trained extensively in liposuction and fat transfer and body contouring. So if you’re seriously considering augmenting your posterior, please see a plastic surgeon who can properly evaluate you and offer you the best possible treatment!

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Bigger and Better, the Brazilian Buttlift Exposed!

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